Janice Freamo
Doctor of Philosophy, Political Science
Department of Political Science

When did you first become interested in political science?

I was really drawn to the field of political philosophy when I was getting my bachelor’s degree at the University of Alberta. I became interested in politics as a forum for ranking societal priorities and discussing conflicting opinions about the common good.

How did you end up at Carleton?

My professors in Alberta put me in touch with Carleton faculty members who work in political philosophy.  At the time, I also thought I’d like to apply my knowledge to actual politics, so I got a job with a Member of Parliament. The fact that I could be in Ottawa both working for the House of Commons and pursuing a graduate degree seemed a perfect match.

After receiving your master’s degree you continued working in federal politics for a bit before switching into the public service. Why did you decide to return for your PhD?

I realized there were questions from my master’s degree that were still lingering. I didn’t want to put that side of things away entirely, so I took a five-year leave from my position to pursue my PhD.

How has your experience as a doctoral student influenced your career?

It made me much more thorough in my research and analysis.  It also made me more inclined to pursue larger challenges like I did when I sought after and won a Fulbright award during the course of the PhD. I’ve now returned to the public service. I’m working for Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada again. As I develop this stage of my career, I’ll be focusing on applying those research skills to the larger challenges facing Canadian society.

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