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Degree and Year: BA Law (06), Carleton University

Occupation: CEO and Founder of InterVeritas International, which started as a fraud investigation firm but now is an international consultancy that specializes in linguistic lie detection, social media risk, social engineering, and ethics.

Countries visited in past year: I consulted with clients in Austria, Latvia, South Africa, Uganda, Mauritius, Botswana, Malaysia, Singapore, and made endless jaunts to the United States. My clients include professional associations and governments.

How did you become a fraud investigator? I ran nonprofits and arts organizations and I found that when they started to have financial trouble, more often than not, there was some sort of fraud within the organization. That’s when it got really interesting. I loved analyzing the problem and identifying where the vulnerabilities were in the organization.

How did your law degree help you? I had started my investigation practice in 2000, but I felt I needed a stronger legal background. It allows me to conduct my work on behalf of clients with a strong understanding of the law and its limitations.

What do you love about your work? The people I meet. They invite me into their cultures and believe what I have to offer is beneficial to them. A couple of years ago I spoke to the African Chiefs of Protocol Conference, which is led by Helena Burger, formerly Nelson Mandela’s Chief of Protocol. We spent a few days together prior to the conference and I can’t tell you how amazing it was for me to spend time with a woman who was part of South Africa’s post-apartheid shift.

But it can be dangerous. I work with many internal auditors in developing countries who have very dangerous jobs. When I taught a class for the Mexican police, I was escorted by an armed guard all the time, even when I went to my room. I also had a wild ride with a taxi driver in Kenya. That prompted me to create a travel safety class that I give specifically for women.

One sentence to describe your strategy to success. Success is measured by the people you meet on the journey—the journey itself is the road to riches.

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