Combined Honours Economics and Journalism
Department of Economics and School of Journalism and Communication

When Sydney LaRose first came to Carleton, she was majoring in Journalism. Then she took her first Economics 1000 class.

“I took one class and I absolutely loved it: everything just made sense,” recalls LaRose, who switched to a double major in Economics and Journalism. “The whole world opened up to this new way of thinking.”

LaRose says she was struck by how “everything in Economics is relationships.”

“It’s jarring how connected everything is. If you adjust inflation, you affect trade. If you adjust the exchange rate, it affects small business. There are all of these relationships that can be explained by mathematics and theory,” says LaRose.

She says her passion for Economics was confirmed during an internship with the Government of Alberta, working on the Domestic and International Policy for Agriculture and Forestry.

“I was researching NAFTA while President Trump was talking about it,” she recalls. “It was so cool to see all of the inner workings of trade policy.”

LaRose also credits her mentors, Professors Simon Power and Hashmat Khan, for encouraging her to pursue a Master’s degree. LaRose will be starting a Master of Arts in Economics at the University of British Columbia in the fall.

“A lot of my friends think I’m crazy, but I love it so much, I would like to be able to call myself an economist someday,” she says. “I hope to contribute to policy changes that make a difference in the world.”

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