Annual Conference of the American Psychology-Law Society (AP-LS)

March 8-10, 2018 | Memphis, Tennessee | The Peabody Hotel

We invite proposal submissions for the 2018 Annual Conference of AP-LS. We strongly encourage proposals that are empirically based and that involve new and emerging topics within psychology and law, as well as proposals that include diverse populations. We also welcome legal proposals that can be offered for Continuing Legal Education (CLE) credit. Proposals will be evaluated through a blind review process focused on intellectual merit, innovation, novelty, and integration of multiple aspects of the field.

All proposals must be submitted on the conference website by Friday, September 29th, 2017 11:59 pm PST.

Please go to the conference website to register and submit your proposals:

Symposia (up to 80 min): A single-topic coordinated group of presentations with a minimum of three presentations and an independent discussant. The participation of each presenter should be secured before submission. Submissions are limited to a 100-word abstract and 1000-word summary for each paper, a 200-word abstract for the symposium session, and 3-4 learning objectives. This year, the symposia organizers will create the symposium (title and abstract) and will indicate the first authors for each paper in a symposium. The submission website will email a unique link to each first author listed, and each first author will upload their own paper to the symposium. The symposium organizer will need to complete the final submission once all papers have been uploaded.

Papers: Presentation of a paper describing an individual research topic OR piece of legal scholarship. After acceptances/rejections are completed, 3-5 paper presentations will be grouped into 60 minute sessions. Submissions are limited to a 100-word abstract, 1000-word summary, and 1-2 learning objectives.

Psycho-legal Data-blitz: ** New this year, authors will have the opportunity to submit their research for a Psycho-legal Data-blitz session. What is a data blitz? A data-blitz is a series of 5-minute talks (limit 3 slides), covering a bite-sized piece of psycho-legal research. The sessions will offer a fast-paced overview of the most exciting research emerging in psychology and law. Data-blitz sessions will include top-rated papers and will not be organized by topic (great for research and legal scholarship that does not traditionally fit with other AP-LS sessions!) Submissions will automatically be considered as a paper and data-blitz, but authors can indicate if they would like to only be considered for a paper or a data-blitz. Submissions are limited to a 100-word abstract, 1000-word summary, and 1-2 learning objectives.

Posters: Posters will be presented at one of two poster sessions typically held Friday and Saturday evenings. Poster presentations are made in written format on display boards (size TBA). Submissions are limited to a 100-word abstract and 1000-word summary.

Please note there is a limit of TWO first-author symposia/paper/data-blitz submissions per person. There are no limits for the number of submissions for posters or appearances as a discussant or session chair.

Call for Reviewers

We also need reviewers in all content areas! We will only be able to use reviewers who register via this online system. We will consider student reviewers this year. Those wishing to submit a proposal and register as a reviewer will do so at the same conference website.

Please go to the conference website to register as a reviewer:

Presidential Initiative – Outreach Activities

One of Eve Brank’s presidential initiatives is to “do good” in the communities in which we have an AP-LS conferences. The External-Focused Presidential Task Force has developed a few options for the upcoming conference in Memphis and they would like to hear whether you are interested in being involved in the outreach. Please register at the conference website to read the details and indicate your interest!