For information about current graduate students associated with the FPRC, please browse the list of labs below. If you’re interested in seeing what some of our recent graduates are doing now, please visit the Alumni page. For a list of recent graduate theses and their supervisors.

The Laboratory for Diagnostic Testing in Forensic Settings

Director: Andrew Smith

The Police Research Lab

Director: Craig Bennell

The Gender & Crime Research Lab

Director: Shelley Brown

The Psychopathy Research Lab

Director: Adelle Forth

  • Seung Lee
  • Kimberly Mularczyk
  • Nicholas Ostapchuk
  • Sebastian Baglole

The Legal Decision-Making Lab

Director: Evelyn Maeder

The Aggressive Cognitions and Behaviour Research Lab

Director: Kevin Nunes

  • Sacha Maimone
  • Anna Pham
  • Chloe Pedneault
  • Eric Filleter
  • Alicia LaPierre
  • Gabrielle Lucente
  • Josh Peters
  • Lynden Perrault
  • Timothy Whalen

The Laboratory for Child Forensic Psychology

Director: Joanna Pozzulo

  • Chelsea Sheahan
  • Lauren Thompson
  • Claire Deweyert
  • Bailey Fraser

The Criminal Justice Decision-Making Research Lab

Director: Ralph Serin