All students enrolled in a BA program in French are asked to meet once a year with the Undergraduate Supervisor or the Chair of the Department to go over courses required or recommended for the forthcoming academic year. Students enrolled in a Minor in French are also strongly encouraged to meet with us.

For this purpose, we will be holding extended advising hours in March. Kindly refer to the schedule below, select the timeslot that is convenient for you and get in touch by email with either the Supervisor or the Chair. In order to facilitate the process and to avoid unnecessary wait time for students, we ask that you book your twenty-minute appointment 48 hours in advance. We may be able to offer other timeslots to the few students whose schedule conflicts with the one below so do get in touch with us.

Please bring a copy of your audit so that we can advise you appropriately as to the courses you should be taking that fulfill prerequisites for upper level courses and to fulfill graduation requirements in a timely manner.

Date Erik Anonby – 1616DT

Randall Gess – 1604DT

March 9 9 h – 12 h
March 10 13h – 16h
March 11
March 12 13h – 16h
March 13 9 h – 12 h
March 16 9 h – 12 h
March 17 13h – 16h
March 18 9 h – 12 h
March 19 13h – 16h
March 21
March 23 9 h – 12 h
March 24 13h – 16h