The Department will be offering its usual Services de soutien (Support services) in a new online format on cuLearn with a dynamic team of new and returning TAs.

Soutien oral libre Schedule           Soutien écrit Schedule             Soutien Oral Individuel Schedule

Extra hours have been added for the week of April 5th and April 12th.

Soutien oral libre Schedule (extra hours)           Soutien écrit Schedule (extra hours)          Soutien Oral Individuel Schedule (extra hours)

What are the Services de soutien?

The services are free to use for all Carleton students and include:

  • Soutien oral librea drop in, informal conversation group. This semester, we are offering tailored levels of drop-in oral support: one for FREN 1001-1002 students and one for FREN 1100+ students.
  • Soutien oral individuel:  one-on-one support for oral production. You should bring an assignment you are working on or have a specific issue/topic to work on. NOTE:  this can be done in pairs/small groups if you are working with one (or several) partner(s) on an assignment. Only one person can register for the appointment, but all group members can attend the meeting.
  • Soutien écrit: One-on-one support for written coursework. Remember to bring an assignment you are working on.

How can I access the Services de soutien?
To access the Services, search courses on cuLearn for « FRENCH – Services de soutien/Support Services ». Once you have found the page, make sure you enroll yourself. This self-enrollment will allow you to find the page in the “Ongoing Courses” section of your cuLearn dashboard.

How do I use the Services de soutien?
The page consists of one section per service. In each section, you will find information on scheduling (see also the PDFs attached) and on how to use the service.
Each service has its own “How to use…” video recorded in French and captioned in English. Make sure you watch the video before you use a service for the first time as there are also technical instructions provided.
You will also find a link to the BigBlueButton room where the service will take place.

Do I need to make an appointment to use the Services de soutien?
The soutien oral libre is the only drop-in service.
For the soutien oral individuel and the soutien écrityou must make an appointment directly on the page by clicking “Sign up for a session.”
Services start Monday Januaryr 18th. Appointments are available two weeks in advance – you can start signing up now! You will get a reminder the day before your appointment.
If you need to cancel, you can do so at the signup link. Please cancel as soon as possible so other students may benefit from the spot.

Please note that if you do not have an appointment for the soutien oral individuel and the soutien écrit  but would like to see if a TA is free, you can click on the BigBlueButton link for the service and check how many viewers are in the room. If there is already a viewer, the TA is with another student. If there is no viewer, you can join the room and check with the TA if they can meet with you.

 Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions, contact

We look forward to seeing you in one or more of the services!
The Services de soutien team