We work with individuals and organizations to promote high-quality coaching practices and coach training.

Our Training Approach

  • Structured Programs
  • Leadership Coaching
    • Individual coaching sessions between participants and their coaches
  • Experiential Learning
    • Reflect on the concepts and skills required to succeed at work
    • Practice these behaviors and attitudes in a realistic setting in order to internalize these essential skills
  • Assessments, Tools & Content
    • In order to optimize the effectiveness of our programs, our approach uses a blend of assessments, tools, and instructional content

Our Coaching Model

  • Awareness on the part of the leader and learner
  • Understanding and appreciation of the skills/competencies to be developed
  • Willingness & ability to execute the change-related effort
  • Approach & action for change of the targeted behaviors and attitudes

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their growth

John Whitmore

Coaching & Development programs can be characterized by a few important dimensions opposing each other. These dimensions are:

  • Effectiveness: ensuring the program meets targeted development and behavior change goals
  • Intensity: the total duration of the program and the frequency of the coaching sessions (& other activities)
  • Budget: direct and indirect costs assumed by the organization

It is this critical balance between “effectiveness”, “intensity” and “costs” that is central to our methodology when we design our coaching and development programs. This explains the reasons behind our program structure, our instructional approach, our service delivery modalities, the tools we use, the selection and management of our team of coaches, and the infrastructure and the administrative support team of Future EDge – Carleton University.

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