When: Tuesday, January 18th, 2022
Time: 8:30 am — 5:00 pm
Cost:$9,450.00 + HST

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The Masters Certificate in Project Management is a 9 module, 18 day program which uses cases studies, lectures, simulations, and in-class exercises and discussions to teach you timely, pertinent topics.

This program was created in order to provide a fast-track, in-depth approach to the delivery of project management training that was Canadian in its roots as well as in its location and very importantly, that recognized the shortage of time with which most project managers are faced. The cohort-based classes and collaborative environment facilitate the formation of a tight-knit network of industry peers for many years to come.

Upon completion of the program, you will have the required class hours and academic knowledge to write the PMI exam to earn the PMP® certification; for details on the application process and additional eligibility criteria, please refer to the PMI website. With both certificates, your career potential in Project Management knows no boundaries!