Apply Now ButtonEnvironmental Studies may be taken as a Bachelor of Arts General degree or a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree. The program consists of a core of credits and a number of program electives.

Bachelor of Arts General (15.0 credits)

The environmental studies program at Carleton University supports the education and preparation of informed, skilled individuals to participate in the resolution of environmental conflicts and in the larger environmental debates critical to our future. Participation in environmental decision-making and intervention may focus on conservation, management of natural systems, development of institutional frameworks, public participation, communication, environmental education or research.

Bachelor of Arts Honours (20.0 credits)

Honours or four-year programs have many advantages including offering more courses in your chosen field and access to co-op, internship and practicum opportunities, where available, as well as preparing you for graduate studies, professional programs and employment.

Approved Environmental Studies Electives

Suggested thematic groupings of approved electives are outlined in the undergraduate calendar. Some of the Environmental Studies Approved Electives have prerequisites, which are not explicitly included in the program. Students should plan to obtain all necessary prerequisites or waivers for courses selected for this program.

Minor in Environmental Studies

To receive more information on our program or for help in choosing your courses please contact:

Undergraduate Administrator

  • Karen Tucker
  • Contact for questions about your audit, course selection and program requirements.

Undergraduate Program Supervisor & Advisor

  • Jill Wigle
  • Contact for program advice and guidance.

Note: It may be necessary to use some of the free elective credits to fulfill prerequisite requirements for courses in the Major.

To view a list of Geography (GEOG) or Geomatics (GEOM) course descriptions.

In addition to the requirements listed above, students must satisfy:

  1. the University regulations (see the Academic Regulations of the University section of this Calendar),
  2. the common regulations applying to all B.A. students (see Academic Regulations for the Bachelor of Arts Degree). Environmental Studies students are exempt from the Breadth requirements.

For a list of course descriptions above please go to the undergraduate calendar.