Graduate Calendar Geography Courses

Course Outlines 2020/2021

Please be aware of the dates on the following course outlines. Some may be from previous academic years. We update them on this website continuously as they are received.



Course Title


GEOG 5000 Fall Approaches to Geographical Inquiry Jill Wigle
GEOG 5001 Fall Modelling Environmental Systems Christopher Burn
GEOG 5003 Winter Critical Approaches to Qualitative Inquiry Sophie Tamas
GEOG 5006 Winter Special Topics in Geography of the Environment Jesse Vermaire
GEOG 5107 Spring/Summer/
Field Study and Methodological Research Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 5406 Fall/Winter Special Topics in Cultural Geography Sophie Tamas
GEOG 5803 Winter Seminar in Geomatics Peter Pulsifer and Scott Mitchell
GEOG 5804 Winter Introduction to GIS Koreen Millard
GEOG 5900 Spring/Summer/
Graduate Tutorial Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 5905 Winter Masters Research Workshop Andrew Davidson
GEOG 5906 Spring/Summer/
M.Sc. Thesis Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 5909 Spring/Summer/
M. A. Thesis Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 6000 Fall Doctoral Core Seminar: Geography, Society and the Environment Derek Smith
GEOG 6001 Winter Doctoral Core Seminar: Geography, Society and the Environment Patricia Ballamingie
GEOG 6003/4 Fall/Winter Field Seminar: Geography of Societal Change Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 6006/7 Fall/Winter Field Seminar: Geography of ­Environmental Change Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 6906/7 Fall/Winter Comprehensive Examination: The ­Geography of Environmental Change Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 6909 Spring/Summer/
Ph.D. Thesis Elyn Humphreys