Apply Now ButtonThe Bachelors programs provide sound FOUNDATIONS in various aspects of human geography where we study the interaction between people and their environment from the geographic perspectives of space, place, scale, and process.

Examples of what we study in Human Geography include: urban inequality; demographic change; sustainable transportation; natural resource uses and limitations; food systems; cultural landscapes; international development; globalization and geopolitics; and adaptation to climate change. A unique discipline with an integrative understanding of economic, political and cultural change.

Geography B.A. General (15.0 credits)

This program is offered for students who wish a liberal arts education with emphasis in geography. Guidance on patterns of courses for particular interests is available from the Department.

Geography B.A. Honours (20.0 credits)

The B.A. (Honours) program in Geography is offered for students who wish to prepare for graduate study, a career in planning, government, business, or other specialization in which the field of geography offers the appropriate training. There is substantial freedom in the program for students to take courses of special interest throughout the University, as well as courses in geography and related disciplines.

Geography B.A. Combined Honours (20.0 credits)

A Combined Honours (or double major) is simply two Majors completed in one degree. Although it doesn’t necessarily take longer to complete a degree, pursuing a double major does reduce the student’s overall number of elective courses. 

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