Undergraduate Calendar Geography Courses

Course Outlines 2020/2021

Please be aware of the dates on the following course outlines. Some may be from previous academic years. We update them on this website continuously as they are received.



Course Title


GEOG 1010 Fall Global Environmental Systems Kevin Hamdan
GEOG 1010 Winter Global Environmental Systems Kevin Hamdan
GEOG 1010 Early Summer Global Environmental Systems Kevin Hamdan
GEOG 1020 Fall People, Places and Environments Sheryl-Ann Simpson
GEOG 1020 Winter People, Places and Environments Luke Struckman
GEOG 1020 Late Summer People, Places and Environments Luke Struckman
GEOG 1023 Fall Introduction to Cities and Urbanization Chloe Poitevin
GEOG 2005 Fall Geographic Inquiry Sophie Tamas
GEOG 2006 Winter Introduction to Quantitative Research Sheryl-Ann Simpson
GEOG 2013 Winter Weather and Water Kevin Hamdan
GEOG 2014 Fall The Earth’s Surface Jennifer Totten
GEOG 2023 Winter Cities Inequality Urban Change Jennifer Ridgley
GEOG 2020 Fall Physical Environments of Canada Andrew Davidson
GEOG 2200 Fall Global Connections John Milton
GEOG 2200 Early Summer Global Connections Josie Wittmer
GEOG 2300 Winter Space, Place and Culture Mihaela Vieru
GEOG 2500 Fall Climate Change: SS Perspectives Vladimir Diaz Cuéllar
GEOG 2600 Fall Geography behind the Headlines Victor Konrad
GEOG 3000 Fall Honours Field Course John Milton
GEOG 3000 Winter Honours Field Course Derek Smith, Stephan Gruber
GEOG 3000 Early Summer Honours Field Course John Milton
GEOG 3001 Winter Doing Qualitative Research Sophie Tamas
GEOG 3003 Fall Quantitative Geography Murray Richardson
GEOG 3021 Winter Geographies of Culture and Identity Mihaela Vieru
GEOG 3022 Winter Environmental and Natural Resources John Milton
GEOG 3023 Winter Cities in a Global World Jill Wigle
GEOG 3024 Winter Understanding Globalization David Hugill
GEOG 3102 Winter Geomorphology Stephan Gruber
GEOG 3103 Fall Watershed Hydrology Jennifer Totten
GEOG 3105 Winter Climate and Atmospheric Change Andrew Davidson
GEOG 3106 Fall Aquatic Science and Management Jesse Vermaire
GEOG 3108 Fall Soil Properties Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 3206 Fall Health, Environment and Society Luke Struckman
GEOG 3206 Late Summer Health, Environment and Society Luke Struckman
GEOG 3209 Fall Sustainability in the South Luke Struckman
GEOG 3404 Fall Geographies of Economic Development Andy Kusi-Appiah
GEOG 3501 Winter Geographies Canadian North Sam Darling
GEOG 4000 Fall Field Studies
GEOG 4005 Fall/Winter/
Early Summer
Directed Studies in Geography Jill Wigle
GEOG 4005 Late Summer Directed Studies in Geography Paul Williams
GEOG 4013 Winter Cold Region Hydrology Jennifer Totten
GEOG 4017 Winter Global Biogeochemical Cycles Elyn Humphreys
GEOG 4021 Winter Seminar in Culture Identity and Place Derek Smith
GEOG 4022 Winter People Resources & Environment John Milton
GEOG 4023 Fall Special Topics on the City Jennifer Ridgley
GEOG 4024 Fall Seminar in Globalization Karen Hebert
GEOG 4103 Fall Water Resources Engineering Paul Van Geel
GEOG 4108 Fall Permafrost Christopher Burn
GEOG 4304 Fall Transportation Engineering and Planning
GEOG 4323 Fall Urban and Regional Planning Sheryl-Ann Simpson
GEOG 4406 Fall/Winter Practicum I John Milton
GEOG 4408 Fall/Winter Practicum II John Milton
GEOG 4906 Fall/Winter/
Honours Research Project Murray Richardson
GEOG 4909 Fall/Winter Honours Research Thesis Jill Wigle
GEOG 4909 Summer Honours Research Thesis Paul Williams