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On September 12th & 13th graduate students took part in orientation field camp which included exploring areas of study in both physical and human geography.

Grad Field Camp 2015 230

The morning of the 12th, students were led through the sand dunes in Prince Edward County.

Grad Field Camp 2015 219

Led by professor Chris Burn students were asked to explore the physical landscape of the sand dunes and question: “How these sand dunes come to exist in this specific place?” More specifically: “What are the geological factors that have contributed to the sand dunes formation?” Students were also asked to explore potential research questions with respect to the Sandbank sand dunes as they are largely unexplored in the academic literature.

Grad Field Camp 2015 186

Students were welcomed by the owners at By Chadsey’s Cairns, Winery and Vineyard in Prince Edward County.

Grad Field Camp 2015 039

Students were then bused to Bridgewater Retreat in Tweed, Ontario and spent the evening socializing while gaining an overview of the graduate program.


The next day graduate students left to explore Lanark County.

Grad Field Camp 2015 287

Through first hand knowledge Bob Mingie introduced students to Lanark County. The Lanark tour explored the public artwork in the village; a discussion of the challenges facing municipal management as populations age and emigrate to the city; and the homestead of Walnut Grove Farm.

Grad Field Camp 2015 348

Yet another enjoyable field camp experience for incoming graduate students. Largely an opportunity for students to be introduced to one another, their professors; and explore through candid conversation the exciting areas of geographic inquiry that are offered in the Carleton University Department of Geography and Environmental Studies.

Grad Field Camp 2015 302