Urbanization is a fascinating global phenomenon with many far-reaching impacts. The Minor in Urban Studies at Carleton University will help you to develop the knowledge and skills needed to understand and diagnose urban conflicts and governance challenges at the local and global scale.

You will learn about socially just and low carbon alternatives designed to improve the quality of life in cities of the global north and south, including initiatives such as supporting local food production, creating affordable housing and inclusive communities, restoring urban ecologies and public spaces, and promoting walkable cities and vibrant neighbourhoods.

The Minor in Urban Studies serves as a springboard for students interested in urban planning, community activism, working in urban policy in the public or non-profit sectors, or pursuing a graduate degree.


Minor in Urban Studies (4.0 credits)

Only students pursuing undergraduate programs requiring at least 20.0 credits to graduate may be admitted to the Urban Studies minor.


1.  1.0 credit from: 1.0
FYSM 1107 [1.0]
Social Justice and the City
GEOG 1020 [0.5]
People, Places and Environments
GEOM 1004 [0.5]
Maps, Satellites and the Geospatial Revolution
2.  1.0 credit from: 1.0
GEOG 2200 [0.5]
Global Connections
GEOG 2400 [0.5]
Cities and Urbanization
GEOM 2007 [0.5]
Geographic Information Systems
3.  0.5 credit in: 0.5
GEOG 3023 [0.5]
Cities in a Global World
4.  0.5 credit from: 0.5
ARCU 3100 [0.5]
The Morphology of the City
ARCU 3501 [0.5]
Fundamentals of Urbanism
HIST 3209 [0.5]
Canadian Urban History
HUMR 3002 [0.5]
Right to the City
5.  0.5 credit from: 0.5
GEOG 4023 [0.5]
Seminar in Special Topics on the City
GEOG 4303 [0.5]
Urban Planning
6.  0.5 credit from: 0.5
ARCU 4300 [0.5]
History of Theories of Urbanism
ARCU 4600 [0.5]
Post-WWII Urbanism
ARCU 4801 [0.5]
Selected Topics in Urbanism
CDNS 4901 [0.5]
Selected Topics in Canadian Studies ((when offered with an urban theme, such as “Heritage Conservation and Sustainability”))
GEOG 4000 [0.5]
Field Studies ((when offered with an urban theme))
GEOG 4005 [0.5]
Directed Studies in Geography ((with urban theme))
GEOG 4006 [0.5]
Special Topics in Geography & Environmental Studies

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Undergraduate Administrator
Judy Eddy

Undergraduate Program Supervisor & Advisor
Jill Wigle