Photo of Sandi Quesnel Malanka

Sandi Quesnel Malanka

USC Canada

Degrees:Graduated with BA Honours in Environmental Studies in Fall 2018

The fight for seed sovereignty is one of the most rewarding and difficult tasks. On-top of running a commercial farm, the position is highly dependant upon making constant connections via social media and taking on many roles. These roles include researcher, marketing executive, farmer, media relations, educator, grain supplier, spoke-person, and whole-seller. In my practicum term I have learned the difference between many varieties of grain such as hulless barley, and hard wheat. I have been educated about the dangers of monoculture and the lost art of eating with the seasons. I am enticed by the beauty of Alberta Black Barley and Red Hard Worthog Wheat. This position has allowed me to make relative connections to USC Canada and Dr. Entz at the University of Manitoba. I have also had the opportunity to experience farmer-led research and have a deep understanding in its importance. I am eagerly awaiting the results from Dr. Entz and will happily continue seed saving, and participating in small-scale agricultural communities.