Photo of Stephanie Medwenitsch

Stephanie Medwenitsch

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Degrees:Graduated with BA Hons Environmental Studies Winter 2018

I recently was given the opportunity to have a placement experience through my undergraduate program. A first go at a real world, professional job in my field of environmental studies – all I could think was that I need to be outside! As someone who has a passion for the outdoors, nature and animals, I was excited to learn what opportunities existed to incorporate this into a job. The Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society is a Canadian organization which sponsored me through my practicum course and gave me the varied work experience I was hoping for – outdoor field work during nice weather, and office work once winter hit Ottawa. I was put on their road ecology project, studying the effects of roads on wildlife. While this meant I had to manage roadkill, and I would of course prefer to engage with live animals, it was realistic picture of how humans affect the environment around them and this was valuable insight. My office work also provided the opportunity to learn about how we can mitigate our effects on wildlife.