The Department of Geography and Environmental Studies has an active research culture that is diverse in its applications but focused in its concern for the integration of natural and human systems.

  • It engages the past (rural society in 19th Century Ontario) and the future (development of multi-media cybercartography).
  • It ranges from the global (vulnerability to climate change) to the local (social inequalities in Ottawa and Canada) and from the Arctic (climate change in the Yukon) to the tropics (indigenous resource use in Latin America).
  • Methodologically, it ranges from instrumented quantitative observations (airborne remote sensing of land cover) to participatory qualitative research (landscape and identity in Scotland) and poststructuralist critique (critical geopolitics).
  • It is sustained by on-campus resources, such as the geotechnical workshop and the Geomatics and Landscape Ecology lab, and by ready access to many federal resources in Ottawa, such as the National Archives, the International Development Research Centre and the Canada Centre for Remote Sensing.

These pages provide details of the major research interests and projects of the faculty and graduate students in the Department. We invite you to explore what the Department has to offer. We are particularly interested in hearing from prospective graduate students or post-doctoral fellows who would be interested to join us.

Research Projects

  1. Dr. Chris Burn – Northern Physical Environments and Permafrost Science.
  2. Dr. Elyn Humphreys – Net Ecosystem Exchange of CO2 Across Peatland Types
  3. Dr. Doug King – Research on Environmental Analysis Using Remote Sensing and GIS
  4. Dr. Fran Klodawsky – Research on Social Inequalities
  5. Dr. Scott W. Mitchell – Modelling, Measuring, and Monitoring Landscape Process: Environmental Models and GIS
  6. Dr. Derek A. Smith – Research on Indigenous Wildlife Use in Central America
  7. Dr. Fraser Taylor – Cybercartographic Projects
  8. Dr. Iain Wallace – Research on Globalization

Research Centres