Faculty and staff work tirelessly to bring opportunity to our students, to support those who struggle, and to encourage inspiration. Above and beyond the service that Carleton employees dedicate to students, our campus community also provides generous financial support.

Every year, hundreds of faculty, staff, students and retirees choose to make a difference at Carleton through the Campus Community Campaign, the university’s internal fundraising drive. Annually, faculty, staff  and students helping fund important priorities such as student aid, research initiatives, and teaching resources on campus.

Your participation in the Campus Community Campaign can bring financial relief to students, help invest in new learning and research opportunities for you and your colleagues, and make a real difference on campus.

The Campus Community Campaign combines our individual donations to make a big impact. Donations can also be made in tribute to recognize the support a student has received from a mentor, to thank a colleague for assistance, or to celebrate the graduation of a student.

Follow the campaign at futurefunder.ca, our state-of-the-art microgiving website. Futurefunder was developed to give you more direct access to the kinds of initiatives you can support—and those you might value most. With just a few clicks, you can make a one-time, immediate impact on initiatives across campus—and support what matters most to you about our university.

With your help we can make a difference.