Giving to an existing student scholarship or bursary or creating your own named award helps to make education accessible for Carleton students. Whether your gift is to reward and encourage academic excellence or simply to give a student a stronger start, it can make a crucial difference to a student’s life. Your gift to awards and financial aid is a guaranteed investment in the future—helping the students of today become the leaders of tomorrow.

Both scholarships and bursaries are endowed funds. Your gift remains invested and the interest is used to provide annual funding. Scholarships are awarded for academic merit, to reward our most talented and high-achieving students in any year of their studies. Carleton bursaries aid those students in most need of our financial help, and are awarded based on a means test that assesses the amount of funding a student needs to attend Carleton. Many students experience financial barriers when they attend university, such as tuition fees, basic living costs while away from home, and essential study materials, such as textbooks and equipment. Without student aid, many students would find it impossible to pursue a university education.

Hundreds of existing awards benefit from the contributions of donors. Once an award is established, new donations help to increase the amount that can be awarded annually and the number of students who are helped.