Giving to Carleton makes a world of difference for students. Giving can also be of financial benefit to you, providing tax advantages for you and your family.

As a registered charitable organization, Carleton issues gift receipts for all contributions. That receipt can then be used to receive a federal and provincial tax credit on your annual Canadian income tax return. You can claim all or part of each donation you make, up to the limit of 75 per cent of your net income for the year. Either spouse can claim the tax credit, regardless of whose name is on the charitable donation receiptand unclaimed donations can be carried forward for up to five years.

If you choose to donate shares or other securities, you could be eligible for a tax break on any resulting capital gain—as long as the shares or securities you donate are listed on prescribed stock exchanges.

Your financial advisor can help you find the tax solution that works best for you. For more general information you can visit Canada Revenue Agency.

Gifts from outside Canada

Carleton gratefully accepts donations from around the world. We issue charitable tax receipts for all gifts; however, these receipts are only eligible for use if you file a Canadian income tax return or a U.S. tax return under the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention. Check your local charitable tax laws or consult a financial advisor for clarification.

  • Carleton students, alumni and relatives (spouses, children, grandchildren, parents and siblings) living in the United States can make donations directly to the university under the Canada-United States Income Tax Convention. You can use your Carleton University charitable receipt for your U.S. income tax returns.
  • Other American citizens, corporations, foundations and trusts should direct their gifts to the Carleton University Foundation (U.S.). The foundation is a tax-exempt organization recognized under the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Cheques made to Carleton University Foundation (U.S.) should be mailed to:1001 G Street NW
    Suite 800
    Washington, DC
  • The charitable registration number of the Carleton University Foundation (U.S.) is 521970455.