Philanthropy at Carleton

Great people make great things happen. Thanks to the help of our incredible donors, thousands of Carleton University students graduate each year with the academic excellence they need to succeed in the world. Whether donors are helping to found a program or building the spaces in which to house it, you contribute to our pursuit of knowledge.

At Carleton we endeavour to demonstrate this impact to every one of our donors through regular communications, reports, recognition events and naming opportunities. We also ensure that our students understand the crucial role our donors play in their education by providing opportunities to meet their benefactors and discuss their future plans and shared goals.

To best serve our donors and our students, we strive each year to invest gifts wisely, and manage our endowments and investments to maximize all donations. Carleton also provides regular financial updates to donors with endowed funds so that you can be assured your gifts are responsibly managed.

Thank you to all our donors for creating an exceptional educational experience for Carleton students!