About the Program

As the backbone of any innovation, engineering gives an organisation its identity and allows it to compete against global competition. This program examines how to design, develop, and implement engineering concepts and models in mechanical and aerospace engineering fields.

Students will be equipped to create high quality engineering models and applications through the latest tools. Students will also get to hear insights and fresh perspectives from professionals working in the field.

Offered by the Global Academy and Carleton’s academic faculties, the program is designed for students and professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering fields. The Engineering Internship Program includes experiential learning via weekly industry visits.

Participants are selected according to criteria agreed upon in advance with Carleton University.

Program Design and Course Content

Duration: Four weeks

The curriculum of this program can be customized in accordance with specific professional development objectives of participants and/or their home institutions.

Week 1 ·         Principle of Work and Energy
·         Power and Efficiency
·         Conservative Forces and Potential Energy
·         Applications to Particle Systems
Week 2 ·         Principle of Linear Impulse and Momentum
·         Conservation of Linear Momentum
·         Angular Impulse and Momentum
Week 3 ·         Mechanical Vibrations
·         Mass – Spring – Damper System
·         Free Vibration
·         Forced Vibration
Week 4 ·         Introduction to Robotics
·         Classification of robots
·         Denavit-Hartenberg Equation
·         Redundancy and degeneracies
·         Optimal estimation of dynamic systems
·         Kinematics and Transformations


Upon successful completion of the internship, students will receive a certificate of completion from the Global Academy at Carleton University.

Program Fee

For an average 4 week professional development program including accommodations, the fee is approximately $3,750.00. Without accommodations, the program is $2,750.00.

A non-refundable application fee in the amount C$100 + HST is required to apply for any program. To continue, please email GlobalAcademy@cunet.carleton.ca.