About the Program

The Health Care in Canada program will provide participants with an understanding of all aspects of the health care system in Canada. Through this program and weekly site visits, participants will develop a network of peers and will be exposed to various supports and resources available in Canada.

Offered by the Canada-India Centre for Excellence and Carleton’s academic Faculties, this program is designed for students at Indian universities and colleges who are interested in pursuing careers in the Health Care sector.

Participants will be selected according to criteria agreed upon in advance with Carleton University.

Program Design



Week 1
  • Cultural competence
    • Ability of a healthcare professional to provide care while respecting the cultural norms and values of their patients
Week 2
  • Patient-Centered Practice
    • Health care in Canada is patient-centered. This means that the values, beliefs and wishes of the patient and his or her family are sought and considered when making care decisions.
  • Collaboration among Healthcare Professionals
    • Collaboration between the various health professionals working together in a practice setting and the health care system.
  • Patient Safety
    • The effect that the healthcare work environment can have on the safety of patients.
Week 3
  • Federal Role in Canadian Health Care
    • The Canadian health care system can be divided into administration/organization/financing and delivery of care aspects
  • Provincial Delivery of Care
    • Different levels of health care delivery, the cost of providing health care services, and explore the distinction between public and private healthcare.
Week 4
  • Regulation of Health Professions
    • An overview of the purpose of professional regulation, and explores the jurisdictional issues involved in this privilege in Canada
  • Professionalism, Reflective Practice, and Lifelong Learning
    • Explore the meaning of “Professionalism” as it applies to their practice and the issue of regulation.
  • Ethics and Liability
    • Explore ethical principles as tools for decision-making, and be introduced to Canadian law and expectations regarding liability and informed consent.


Upon successful completion of this program, participants will receive a certificate of completion from the Canada-India Centre for Excellence at Carleton University.

Program Fee

For an average 4-week professional development program including accommodations, the fee is approximately $3750.00. This fee includes:

  • Course Modules
  • Accommodations
  • Site Visits
  • Airport pick-up/drop-off

A non-refundable application fee in the amount C$100 + HST is required to apply for any program. To continue, please email GlobalAcademy@cunet.carleton.ca.