The Global Academy supports Carleton University academic units, faculty members, and others with connections to the University with opportunities to partner in the development and delivery of professional development programs, including in-depth courses, short workshops, and summer institutes.

Current Programs


The objective of this program is to educate participants about all aspects of hydrology, focusing on new and effective ways of obtaining data and innovative resource management. Designed specifically for professionals from the Hydrology field the program consists of three separate courses: Hydrology, Water and Tools. Each course runs for nine days.

Business Strategy

As the backbone of any business, strategy gives an organisation direction and outlines its plan for success against competitors. Designed to most effectively expose participants to advanced topics in Management and Business studies, this program examines how to form effective business strategies, and address the issues surrounding their implementation. The aim is to create high quality business strategies through the latest business insights and freshest perspectives and includes experiential learning components in the form of industry visits.

Canada Immersion Program 

This program is specifically meant for students who are interested in learning about the North American markets and who want to engage with business executives and professionals in Canada. Participants will learn about the foundations of entrepreneurial management, market intelligence and customer discovery, and finding and managing finances. Students will also be exposed to cultural practices, which will enhance their comfort level with conversational English, while they experience life in an English-language environment.


This course is specifically meant for cybersecurity students and professionals, providing special emphasis on: (1) policy challenges, (2) actors, and (3) initiatives related to cybersecurity including security of the core infrastructure, cyberwarfare and cyberterrorism, and internet safety.

Data Analytics

The objective of this intensive program is to enhance professional development in all aspects of data analytics. Intended for students and professionals, the program provides participants with an understanding of latest trends in data analytics including tools, research topics, skills’ requirements, and leading business processes.

Intensive English Language Training

This initiative delivers world class English language learning and teaching using the latest knowledge and research in language education to inform program structure.  Carleton faculty and qualified experts design program curricula and provide all instruction. Teacher preparatory programs are accredited by provincial and national regulatory bodies.

Introduction to Canada Program

The Introduction to Canada Program is designed for selected high school students from around the world and includes classroom learning with an immersive experience of the topics covered in lectures and discussions. The course will be delivered by qualified lecturers in Canadian Studies at Carleton University and managed by the Global Academy.

Engineering Internship (4 week course)

Designed for students and professionals who are interested in pursuing careers in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering fields, this program examines how to design, develop, and implement engineering concepts and models in the mechanical and aerospace engineering fields. Students will be equipped to create high quality engineering models and applications through the latest tools and will gain insights and fresh perspectives from professionals working in the field.

Entrepreneurship Program

The short-term Entrepreneurship program is specifically meant for entrepreneurs who are interested in learning about the North American markets and want to engage with various start-up ecosystems in Canada. Participants will learn about foundations of entrepreneurial management, market intelligence and customer discovery, and finding and managing finances.

Terrorism and International Security

This course is specially geared for law enforcement units responsible for ensuring safety of citizens. The course offers a comprehensive list of topics, ranging from concepts of terrorism to developing specific counter-terrorism strategies to mitigate the latest global threats. Participants will be expected to take in-class courses and perform problem solving exercises.

University Teachers Pedagogy Program

This program is designed for instructors with some teaching experience to further develop their understanding of pedagogy and to enhance their teaching skills. The goal of this program is to provide participants with an opportunity to enhance their appreciation of sound pedagogy, strengthen their teaching skills and explore new approaches to instruction. Together, these areas will contribute to helping instructors become more efficient, effective, and confident in enhancing the learning environment for students.

There is a $113 CAD application fee for all programs. This fee is non-refundable. If your application is successful, the fee will be put towards your program cost once your registration is confirmed.

Once we receive your application fee we start your profile, at which time you will receive a detailed application form that you must fill out and submit.

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For Carleton Faculty and Staff

The Global Academy welcomes all interested faculty and staff to partner in the development of professional programs.  Our office regularly invites proposals.  All other programs are considered on a case-by-case basis.  Please be in touch with us!