The Global Academy builds upon Carleton’s existing expertise to develop short-term professional development training programs to serve the global markets. The Global Academy’s focus is on professional development programs that are strategically important to achieving the objectives of Carleton’s Strategic Integrated Plan.

Our Activities

The main activities of the Global Academy fall into three categories: global initiatives, professional development and professional networks.

Global Initiatives

In collaboration with the university community, the Global Academy leads special global initiatives that are significant to the University’s strategic objectives.

Professional Development

The Global Academy is a catalyst for taking existing professional development initiatives in matters of global importance to a higher level of recognition and outreach as well as providing the stimulus and incentives for new, creative initiatives to deliver global education to a worldwide audience.

The Global Academy offers non-credit modules, courses and programs, although some may be designed so that they could be used towards credit programs at Carleton. The Global Academy awards non-credit certificates in partnership with the Faculties, Schools, Institutes, and Departments that develop the specific activity. For a full list of current programs, please see here. Global Academy also works with its partners to create more customized and niche programs to serve their objectives. Please contact us if you are interested in working with us to develop a custom program for your organization.

Professional Networks

The Global Academy brings together leaders from around the world to engage in professional networks that provide peer-to-peer learning and direct access to the people and places where global challenges meet innovative solutions.  These networks leverage Carleton’s expertise in selected fields while also tapping into key strategic opportunities for international, multidisciplinary actions that may require partnerships between business, government, educational and research institutions, and community organizations.

Some networks operate as short-term, narrowly focused efforts, while others have longer-term ambitions involving a broad range of activities.  They build on research expertise at Carleton and beyond, and often involve meetings prepared in locations around the world offering best practices or championing innovation.