About the Program

This course is specially geared for law enforcement units responsible for ensuring safety of citizens. The course offers a comprehensive list of topics, ranging from concepts of terrorism to developing specific counter-terrorism strategies to mitigate the latest global threats.

Participants will be expected to take in-class courses and perform problem solving exercises.

Course Content

Duration: Varies
Class Schedule: Mon – Thursday; 9AM – 12PM & 2PM – 5PM
Industry Visits: 1 weekly visit to an Ottawa-based organization for networking and demonstration purposes



Week One This first week covers theories on the strategy of terrorism and explores the effect of terrorism on Western democracies, the causes of terrorism, radicalization to violence, the organization and structure of terrorist groups, sponsorship and facilitation of terrorism, and how terrorism ends.

Topics covered during the first week also include:

  • How and why terrorists use certain technologies, tactics, weapons, and procedures to support their objective
  • The exploration of counterterrorism policies in democratic states through historical and contemporary context.
  • The evolution of counterterrorism policies and responses in the post 9/11 period.
  • Counterterrorism Strategy in Western democracies.
Week Two The second week covers the role and function of intelligence services with an emphasis on Canadian and American intelligence & national security communities. This section examines, compares and contrasts five challenges to national security via case studies and the role of intelligence in policy response.

Topics covered during the second week also include:

  • The legal, policy, ethical, national, and international contexts of intelligence & national security for Canadian and other Western democracies.
  • Current threats: the Islamic State, Al Qaeda and their affiliates
  •  Future threats: Cyber, CBRN and emerging trends
  •  Terrorism & Counterterrorism: getting it right and wrong


Upon successful completion of the internship, students will receive a certificate of completion from the Global Academy at Carleton University.

Program Fee

Fee for this program, including accommodations, is approximately $3,750.00. Without accommodations, the program is $2,750.00.

A non-refundable application fee in the amount C$100 + HST is required to apply for any program. To continue, please email GlobalAcademy@cunet.carleton.ca.