NVivo for Comprehensive Examinations (for PhD students)

December 2, 2021 at 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Audience:Current Students

Analyzing and sorting large amounts of unstructured text or multimedia data can be difficult. NVivo is a software package for qualitative data analysis that can help you bring order to what may seem like chaos. You can keep track of all data associated with your academic projects, code your data, create models to help organize your research, run queries on your coded data, and create charts and reports for sharing with others . . . and it’s available at Carleton! Find out more about NVivo and availability/licensing at Carleton here.

A NOTE FOR TAs: Because this session takes place after the March 30 deadline for submission of paid pedagogical training hours, time spent in this workshop does NOT count toward paid pedagogical training hours for TAs working this term.

Turning comprehensive examinations into a breeze.

Nvivo can drastically improve your management and mastery of literature. This workshop builds on foundations of comprehensive literature reviews to develop skills for PhD students. Skills include coding, classifications, matrix coding queries, as well as framework matrix.

Please note:

  • The workshop will be recorded and made available to participants on request
  • The workshop demonstrates the Windows platform, but Mac version questions can be answered
  • Installation of NVivo before the workshop is recommended but not required.


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