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Digital Privacy & Identity Theft

October 19, 2021 at 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

Audience:Current Students


We use tens or even hundreds of apps and web sites on a daily basis, sharing all sorts of data with the world, ranging from a simple like on a video to your social insurance number and personal login information on key web sites. With so much data being generated on an ongoing basis, how secure is your connection, app, phone, computer, or smart fridge, if you have one? When was the last time you ran a virus scan or did a firmware update on your smart kettle? How hard is it for a potential hacker to use a discarded smart lightbulb to gain access to your home network or for someone to unlock your smart device’s camera, recording you when you least expect it? What information should you think twice about sharing online and what settings are “safest” when using social media? What are the latest phishing and identity theft scams? These are but some of the topics we will cover during this webinar on how to protect your digital footprint in the era of smart devices and increased interconnectivity.

Learning outcomes:

(1) Learn about the latest identity theft & phishing scams.

(2) Familiarize yourself with known vulnerabilities of various smart devices.

(3) Learn about optimal security settings on some of the most common social media apps.

Workshop leader(s):

Alexandru Gavrila

All graduate students are welcome. If you are a TA, this session counts toward voluntary paid training hours, provided that you are working as a TA in the term when the training takes place.


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