What is Grad Navigate?

Grad Navigate is Carleton University’s professional development initiative for current and future graduate students, developed by the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Affairs (FGPA). Professional development has become increasingly important to graduate students through the duration of their programs and also when considering their future career goals. Grad Navigate hosts workshops that will help develop your academic and professional skills with workshops ranging from how to lead discussion groups, preparing for media interviews, and strengthening project management skills.

Do workshops count for paid training?

Grad Navigate professional development workshops are open to all graduate students. If you are a TA, all Navigate workshops will count towards your TA training hours, but only when completed during a term when you are assigned a TAship. Grad Navigate workshops are one way that teaching assistants can earn their voluntary paid training hours, however there are many more paid training options offered through the Educational Development Centre (EDC). Check out the EDC’s TA Support page, including their FAQ on TA duties, training and support. There may also be opportunities for TA training offered in your home department. Speak with your departmental administrator for more information.

What is the difference between compliance and pedagogical TA training? 

The workshops listed on Grad Navigate are voluntary pedagogical training opportunities for TAs and non-TAs alike. As stipulated by the Ontario Government, all employees of Carleton University, including teaching assistants, are now required to complete Compliance Training modules. Compliance training is mandatory and entirely separate from voluntary pedagogical training. Confused? Take a look at this blog on the difference between compliance and pedagogical training, written by Dr. Morgan Rooney, Educational Development Facilitator.

Who delivers the workshops?

Workshops are primarily delivered by representatives from on-campus service groups such as Career Services, the Educational Development Centre, the Centre for Student Academic Support, Health and Counselling Services, MacOdrum Library, and the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities. Contact information for service providers is available here. Mitacs, a non-profit national research organization, also delivers excellent professional development workshops. Please note, there will be a TA attendance sheet at Mitacs workshops on the Carleton campus. Provided you sign it, your attendance will be captured and counted toward training hours. While workshops must normally be completed at Carleton, as of Winter 2015, we have made a special exception for Mitacs workshops offered at uOttawa. If you elect to attend a Mitacs training on the uOttawa campus and would like this training to count toward your paid hours, you must contact David Lafferty to confirm your attendance before the deadline to complete paid training hours for the term.

How do I register? 

Workshop registration varies and is always listed in the workshop details. Registration in advance is important given that workshops often reach capacity. Many workshops require registration through Carleton Central, either through TA training, mySuccess, or myCareer. Others require attendees to email the workshop facilitator, and some require registration directly through the Grad Navigate website. If you are ever having trouble registering, or are unsure where to register, do not hesitate to contact David Lafferty, Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development.

Do I need to deregister if I can’t make it to a workshop? 

Yes! It is extremely important that you deregister when you can’t make it to a workshop, whether this is a workshop on Grad Navigate, or on Carleton Central. Many students do not deregister and subsequently prevent their peers from participating in sought-after workshops. If you aren’t sure how to remove yourself from a workshop, simply email David Lafferty and let him know that you are unable to attend.

Can I help develop a workshop?

Absolutely! If you have any ideas about workshops or an event that would benefit Carleton grad students, please contact David Lafferty, the Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development.

Who do I contact if I have any questions?

Please contact David Lafferty, the Coordinator of Graduate Professional Development, at or at 613-520-2600 x. 3229.