Photo of Mariam Yary

Mariam Yary

Undergraduate Research Student


Current project: Effect of soil salinity on shear strength behaviour of Leda Clay

Mariam Yary is a Bachelor of Engineering student with a major in Civil Engineering and interested in the structural and geotechnical aspects of her field. She has completed her 4th year project on Building a High-Rise Condominium over Sensitive Soil (Leda clay) under the supervision of Professor Rayhani.

Currently, Mariam is working with one of Professor Rayhani’s research project group member in pursuing research and laboratory tests on the shear strength behaviour of Leda clay. Major parts of eastern Canada (eastern Ontario and Quebec regions) have been experiencing foundation problems because of the soil conditions. Any disturbances such as earthquakes can cause this highly sensitive marine soil, to liquefy and lose support, making it potentially dangerous to both human life and property. They seek to accomplish a new mitigation method to increase the shear strength behaviour of Leda clay, resolving Leda clay landslides, and aspire to strengthen the soil bonding structure by adding potassium salt into the soil to avoid structure failures.