Photo of Chandra Giroux

Chandra Giroux

Contract Instructor

Degrees:BA (University of Ottawa); MA (Newcastle University); MA (University of Ottawa); PhD in progress (McGill University)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 7024
Office:310A Paterson Hall
Office Hours Fall 2019:
Monday 10:00-12:00 or by appt.


Chandra Giroux holds a Master’s Degree in Greek and Roman Archaeology from Newcastle University where she worked on her thesis, “The Erechtheion? A Search for the Erechtheion of Pausanias” under the supervision of Antony Spawforth. To complement her archaeological training, she completed another Master’s Degree with a literary focus. Her thesis, “Morality in Plutarch’s Life of Cimon” was under the supervision of Karin Schlapbach at the University of Ottawa. She is currently completing her PhD thesis at McGill University in Ancient History under the supervision of Hans Beck and Darian Totten. Her thesis, “Plutarch’s Chaironeia: the local horizon of world empire”, explores Plutarch’s everyday lived experience. Specifically, it seeks to understand the local, regional, and global aspects of Plutarch’s world and how these shine through his two great works, the “Parallel Lives” and the “Moralia”.

Research Interests

  • Greece under Rome
  • Boiotian History
  • Boiotian Culture
  • Local, Regional, and Global Connectivity in the Ancient World
  • Cultural Exchange and Impact in the Ancient World
  • Collective Memory and the Creation of Narratives in Antiquity
  • Battlefield Tourism in the Ancient World
  • History and Archaeology from the “Bottom-Up”

2019-2020 Courses

  • LATN 2200A – Intermediate Latin (F)
  • ARTH 3105 | CLCV 3307 | RELI 3733 – Competing Cultures? Roman Art and the Empire (W)


  1. “Spartan Strategies in the Early Peloponnesian War, 431-425 BCE,” co-authored with M. Fronda, Phoenix (in press).
  2. “The Power of Bones: An Intertextual Reading of the Retrieval of Theseus’ Bones in Plutarch’s ‘Life of Cimon’,” in “The Dynamics of Intertextuality in Plutarch” Brill (in press).
  3. “Mythologizing Conflict: Memory and the Minyae,” in “The Dancing Floor of Ares” Ancient History Bulletin (in press).

Work in Progress

  1. “Beyond the Battles: Hellenistic Chaironeia”
  2. “Silence of the Lions: Exploring Plutarch’s Omissions on Chaironeia”