Do archaeological fieldwork for credit

Students in Greek and Roman Studies can begin their study of archaeology in the classroom, but can also experience the reality itself by doing archaeological fieldwork, whether an excavation or an archaeological survey, anywhere in the world.

Students begin with CLCV 1008 & 1009, Introduction to Archaeology I & II, which introduce students to the history, theory, and practice of field archaeology.

CLCV 2303 Greek Art and Archaeology and CLCV 2304 Roman Art and Archaeology give students an background in such things as classical vase painting, sculpture, architecture, and town planning.

CLCV 3301 & CLCV 4000 Archaeological Field Word I & II are for-credit courses in which students participate for a minimum of three weeks in the excavation of an archaeological site.

GRS student on a excavation in the Canadian Arctic

GRS student on a excavation in the Canadian Arctic

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