Carleton University’s Global Water Institute (GWI) is inviting you to participate in our Water Sector Behavioural Insights Lab. Our ambition is to distill the complex mix of elements that influence water sector audiences in the following ways:

to trust their local water quality

to protect their critical water resources

to invest in innovative technologies

To emphasize the value of this behavioural initiative, from an industry economic development perspective, addressing the classic question ‘Who buys, and why?‘ is undeniably critical to any water technology company’s success. The answer to this essential business question can only be found through in-depth analysis of past market segment buying behaviour.

GWI staff will be developing a catalogue of profiles derived from interviews conducted with a wide cross section of leading technology buyers, water-conscious community groups, and resource protection advocates – including municipal managers dealing with water quality concerns, to international diplomats addressing transboundary water risks, and industrial partners seeking to achieve performance targets. Our analysis of this water leadership catalogue will focus on the identification and dissemination of replicable circumstances, patterns and common external factors that have produced progressive water-related activity, both domestically and internationally.

The beneficial outcome of your participation in the Water Sector Behavioural Insights Lab will be more efficient, targeted business development campaigns, and ultimately a more prosperous and sustainable water industry in Canada.