Photo of Chris Brown

Chris Brown

Associate Professor of Political Science. Politics of Africa, development planning. Worked as a development planner and local government policy advisor in Botswana and Ghana with a focus on building capacity in water and sanitation.

Degrees:BA (Toronto) MA, PhD (Cornell)
Phone:613-520-2600 x 8734
Office:2404A Richcraft Hall

Professor Brown is Associate Professor of Political Science in the field of comparative politics, with a specialization in the politics of Africa. He has worked in Botswana and in Ghana as a development planner and as a local government policy advisor. In Botswana, he was a local government policy advisor, with a focus on the water and sanitation sector. In Ghana, he was the Country Team Leader for a CIDA project focused on building capacity in the water and sanitation section in the three northern Regions of the country. He is working on a book on the institutionalization of liberal democracy in Botswana, which is funded by a research grant from the SSHRC. He is currently the Program Director for Carleton University’s Bachelor of Global and International Studies.

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