There are many opportunities here on Carleton campus to participate in initiatives to protect the quality and quantity of our water resources, protect aquatic ecosystems, provide safe drinking water and sanitation around the world, and develop technological solutions to alleviate the impact of urbanization and climate change. You can join other members of our student body in making a positive change through the following student chapters.

Our purpose:

  • This is a joint student chapter for the International Water Association (IWA), Water and Environment Association of Ontario (WEAO), and Ontario Water Works Association (OWWA)
  • Promote student interest in the water environment & to provide an avenue for professional development & networking between students, and water professionals
  • Provide professional development opportunities leading to careers in both the water and wastewater industries
  • Increase Chapter members knowledge and understanding of the water environment and Society’s interaction with it
  • Encourage and promote necessary actions for the protection and enhancement of a safe, clean water supply and supporting water ecosystem

EWB as an organization harnesses the problem-solving approach, technical skills, and creative pragmatism of the innovative students, professionals and fellows working to create systemic change in Canada and Sub-Saharan Africa. Our volunteers foster a community within a movement of thousands of engaged members who are passionate about addressing the root causes of poverty and inequality.

Contrary to what some might initially think when they hear the name “Engineers Without Borders”, our focus is not on going overseas and building wells and bridges – we use the problem-solving skills that university students typically develop, to drive positive social change.

Oxfam Canada Carleton Club aims to follow the mission of Oxfam Canada in creating lasting solutions to global poverty and injustice. We work with allies in Canada and around the world to change the policies and practices that perpetuate human suffering. We support organizations in poor communities overseas in their struggle to secure basic rights. Oxfam’s advocacy and campaigns for just policies are rooted in the knowledge and experience gained in that struggle.