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Please note: In order to promote the health and safety of our Carleton community, the Carleton Health and Counselling Services remains open virtually.

Counselling Services

Note: We no longer require the submission of an Intake Form for access to counselling services. Please call or present in person to request a counselling appointment.

Our goal is to support students in achieving academic success by working collaboratively with them to overcome barriers, build resilience and promote wellness in the areas of physical and mental health. For academic support services, please visit the Centre for Student Academic Support.

  • We offer short term individual counseling for students struggling with many different problems like anxiety, depression, relationship problems, sexual violence, or personal and academic stress.  We have counsellors who specialize in issues impacting international students, those who have experienced sexual violence, and LGBTTQS2+ students.
  • Our focus is on getting you back on track rather than exploration and analysis of past problems.
  • Our counsellors are all masters-level psychotherapists or social workers who are registered with their respective colleges.
  • We also have several GP psychotherapists (medical doctors providing counselling) as well as psychiatrists several days a week. Two of our doctors specialize in the management of ADHD. To see these providers you need a referral from a family doctor and there may be a waiting list.
  • Our counsellors primarily use a strength based, solution focused therapy model. We see people as resourceful and resilient in the face of problems. Strength-based counselling focuses on creating a hopeful future and helping people make the choices and changes that are necessary for them to move toward the future that they want. This work happens in the context of a collaborative, empowering relationship between counsellors and students.
  • We are not generally able to provide long term support. We do work closely with our primary care doctors to ensure that people have access to the supports they need. Your counsellor will discuss options with you in order to help you find the appropriate treatment for your needs.
  • For complex mental health and addictions treatment beyond our capacity, we may refer you to services in the community.
  • We do not provide couple or family counselling, but can recommend services in the community.

See a Counsellor

Counselling Appointments

To book an appointment contact our main clinic by calling (613) 520-6674 or presenting to HCS in person.

  • For your first appointment make sure you arrive 15 minutes earlier to complete the intake form.
  • Prior to your appointment you will receive a text reminder to confirm or cancel your appointment.
  • If you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment we ask you to provide 24 hour notice, or you will be charged $75.

Same-Day Counselling

Available Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4pm in the main clinic (2600 Carleton Technology and Training Centre Building).

  • No appointment necessary, this service operates like a walk in clinic. Check in opens at 8:30am, it’s best to come early in the afternoon as spots are limited. Last walk in patient will be seen at 3:15pm.
  • We can offer urgent care and support, problem solving and guidance, or referral and assistance in finding the services you need, whether that is other university supports or community resources.
  • Students will normally be seen in the order they check in, but we may take people in urgent need first.
  • The counsellor will discuss care options with you which may include ongoing counselling, as well as offer recommendations for next steps.

Mental Health Services for Graduate Students

The Graduate Student Counsellor is available in the main clinic. Graduate students can book an appointment by calling Health and Counselling Services at 613-520-6674.

Crisis Situations

Please come in person to our main clinic and indicate to the receptionist that you are in crisis and need to speak to someone right away. The following symptoms are indicative of a crisis situation:

  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Thoughts about harming another person
  • Recent sexual assault or traumatic event
  • Hallucinations and delusions

After Hours

If you need assistance for an urgent situation outside of our regular operating hours, contact:

  • Department of University Safety: (613) 520-4444 (or, dial 4444 from any university land-line)
  • Good 2 Talk: 1-866-925-5454
  • Distress Centre of Ottawa and Region: Available 10am-11pm, 7 days/week, 365 days/year.                  Call: 613-238-3311  Text: 343-306-5550  Web Chat: blue chat icon at bottom right corner of website. Service is available in English only to residents of Ottawa & the Ottawa Region.


Health and Counselling services (HCS) is legally required to keep health information confidential. HCS will not release any information without written permission from the student, except to protect you or others from immediate harm; when ordered by a court to do so (subpoena); or required by law (protecting children from abuse). Your counsellor will explain our confidentiality policy to you when you meet, as well as the limits as mentioned above, they can also answer any questions you have about privacy of your health care information.