Health and Counselling Services (HCS) is delighted to announce a new mental health and well-being initiative to offer reserved weekly counselling sessions for students who are also parents or caregivers until the end of this current term.

Parent-students often juggle between studying, working, and parenting all at the same time. Finding the time to look after their own mental health needs can be challenging. In this pandemic era, parent-students are dealing with added difficulties with nurturing and protecting their children while trying to stay on track for their studies. They do not have to navigate these challenges alone.

These counselling sessions are offered by Bruno Jung-Millen, a parent and Master of Social Work (MSW) candidate, practicing under the supervision of a registered social worker. Parent-students can contact Bruno directly at or call HCS reception at (613) 520-6674 to book a counselling session. Sessions are offered on Mondays and Thursdays.