Isabeau (Beau) Welter

Sexual Assault/Trauma Counsellor

Pronouns: She/Her

Role: Sexual Violence and Trauma Counsellor

Professional Designation: Registered Social Worker, RSW

Education: Masters of Social Work

Beau has been with Health and Counselling since 2016. She specializes in working with the impacts of sexual violence, intimate partner violence, adult children of alcoholics, as well as, other forms of trauma. This can include processing work, coping with symptoms of PTSD, as well as, other aspects of trauma recovery. She also works frequently with gender dysphoria and provides support with trans health care. Beau is passionate about bringing an anti-oppressive framework to her therapy, as well as, an emphasis on tangible skills to improve folk’s day-to-day lives and relationships. Beau uses an eclectic approach that includes elements of narrative therapy, attachment-based therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy, all within a trauma-informed lens. Beau enjoys working with people to connect them with a sense of agency and ownership over their lives.