Currently Funded Studies

  • Co-Investigator (Hayhurst, L., Darroch, F.E., Millington, B., van Ingen, C., Wilson, B.) Wheels of Change? Exploring ‘Bicycles for Development’ for Women and Girls in the (Post-)Pandemic Contexts of Canada, Uganda and Nicaragua. SSHRC Insight Grant, 2021 – 25; $281,634
  • Co-Investigator (Hayhurst, L., Darroch, F.E., Warner, M.) Exploring the utility of virtual trauma- and violence-informed sport for development (TVISFD) Programs with LaunchPad in Moss Park, Toronto: A community-based participatory approach. E-Alliance $18,500, 2021- 2022
  • Principal Investigator (Darroch, F.E., Giles, A.R. & Hillsburg, H.) Water bottles and baby bottles: Community-based participatory research to understand the experiences, media and social media portrayals of parenting track Olympians and Olympic hopefuls. SSHRC Insight Develop Grant, 2020 – 22; $61,500
  • Principal Investigator (Darroch, F.E., Peters, P. & Hayhurst, L.) Strengthening Practices: Trauma- and Violence-Informed Physical Activity. SSHRC Insight Grant, 2020 – 24; $185,000
  • Principal Investigator (Darroch, F.E.) Mobilizing trauma- and violence-informed physical activity for marginalized communities. Carleton University SSHRC Exchange Knowledge Mobilization Grant, 2020 – 21; $7000
  • Co-Investigator (Oliffe, J., Ogrodniczuk, J., Rice, S., Darroch, F.E., Affleck, W. & Creighton, G.) Reducing Male Suicide. UBC Catalyzing Research Cluster Grant, 2020 – 22; $100,000

Past Funded Studies

Taking Steps: Warrior Women’s Wellness

Warrior Women’s Wellness was co-created through community-based participatory research in partnership with the University of British Columbia, YWCA Crabtree Corner, and women living and/or accessing services in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. The women-led programming includes a weekly walking group and monthly introduction to new physical activities led by community partners (such as hiking, yoga, non-contact boxing, dance, strength training, and soccer). Taking Steps started in early 2017 and we have engaged over 100 women through our program. As a team, we have developed programming, created a TViPA tool-kit, run numerous TViPA training sessions, developed a resource book for existing physical activity programs in the DTES and made a documentary.

Making a Move: Examining the Role of Fathers in Mother’s Well-Being on the Downtown Eastside

This participatory action research examines the social construction of health with parents to be and/or parents with a specific focus on the role fathers play in supporting physical activity and wellness. This project focuses on parents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside who experience multiple marginalizations.

Elite Female Distance Runners and Pregnancy

This is a mixed methods research study where I continue to collaborate with various scholars. We explore the ways elite female athletes negotiate the competing identities of motherhood and athlete as they return to high-level training and international competition after giving birth.

Racing for Representation

A mixed methods study examining media portrayal and representation on popular North American running magazine covers.  The purpose of this research is to assess disparities in the representation of race and gender over the past decade through content analysis of imagery. Within the broader parameters of this research, we will discuss why representation is important within the current social context of the COVID-19 pandemic, widespread social movement that calls attention to the brutality enacted upon racialized communities, and drawing from feminist methodologies that call for reflexivity, we will use critical race theory and postcolonial feminist theory to problematize our practice of categorizing cover images based on race and gender we used in this study