Photo of Tarek Benzouak

Tarek Benzouak

MA Student

Tarek Benzouak is a Masters student in health psychology. His current thesis involves longitudinal examination of perceptual factors and their synergistic potential within the association between automaticity and health behaviour maintenance. Within the field of health psychology, Tarek is particularly interested in research involving the biopsychosocial model of health. Within the Health Psychology Lab he has had the chance to gain experience with prospective and dyadic research involving depressive symptoms, purpose in life, glycated hemoglobin, incident Dementia and Diabetes Mellitus. As someone who values collaboration, Tarek is currently involved in research with his fellow lab members, examining differences in hedonic and eudemonic well-being and mortality outcomes.

Outside the Health Psychology Lab, Tarek is currently involved in psychiatric research involving meta-analytical research on post-viral symptoms, psychopharmacological treatments, and psychotherapeutic interventions.