Congratulations to Drs. Kristin Connor, Paul Villeneuve and Renate Ysseldyk for receiving Development Grants from Carleton University!

Dr. Connor’s grant aims to understand how maternal underweight and obesity contribute to increased inflammation in pregnancy. If there is too much inflammation in the pregnant mother and the tissues that protect the fetus during pregnancy, there can be adverse consequences for the health of the pregnancy and the development of the fetus. Ultimately, data collected from this project may help to identify therapeutic targets to reduce inflammation during pregnancy and improve the health of the pregnancy.

The goal of Dr. Villeneuve’s grant is to map concentrations of traffic related pollution along major bikeways in downtown Ottawa by placing monitoring devices on bikes to collect exposure data. Ultimately, data collected from this project may help to create a computer-based application that allows bikers to select the best bike route based on a number of parameters including minimising exposure to these pollutants and minimising time.

Dr. Ysseldyk‘s grant will work with long-term care residents to evaluate the psychosocial and cognitive impacts of a peer-support music programme for those living with mid-stage to advanced dementia. Ultimately, data collected from this project will inform the development of a communication tool on how to best run these programmes, to be made available across health care settings so that more individuals living with dementia and in care can benefit from these programs.

To learn more about Dr. Connor’s research, visit her Developmental Origins of Health and Disease website. To learn more about Dr. Villeneuve’s research, visit his Environmental and Occupational Epidemiology website. To learn more about Dr. Ysseldyk’s research, visit her Social Identity and Health website.

Image credit: Flaticon