The Connor Lab in the Department of Health Sciences at Carleton University is seeking graduate students at the MSc level to start in September 2018! Our lab conducts research in the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease. For more information about the lab, our research, and the type of team members we are looking for, visit us here.

The MSc and PhD programmes in Health Sciences are research-based thesis programmes that provide advanced disciplinary learning and hands-on interdisciplinary research in health sciences in new, state-of-the-art facilities.

Students interested in undertaking an MSc in Health Sciences with Dr. Connor must hold an Honours BSc in a relevant field (e.g.: biomedical, life, or health sciences; molecular biology; genetics; data science, to name a few) from a recognised university, and have a minimum overall A- (80%) GPA. Students interested in undertaking a PhD in Health Sciences must hold a research-based MSc in a relevant field from a recognised university, and have a minimum overall A- (80%) GPA.

To show your interest in pursuing graduate studies in the Connor Lab, please email Dr. Connor at with all of the following information in a single pdf document:

  1. Title your email “Prospective graduate student”
  2. A cover letter that includes:
  • A description of why you are interested specifically in Dr. Connor’s research programme
  • A description of your research interests, professional and academic goals, and how you believe the Connor Lab will help you to achieve your goals
  • Indicate at what level of graduate studies you are interested (MSc, PhD) and when you plan to start your programme (note: the Department of Health Sciences MSc and PhD programme start dates are September, January, and May of each year)
  1. An up-to-date CV that includes details of:
  • Your previous education, overall GPA for each programme of study, and any relevant certifications obtained outside of your primary degree(s)
  • Previous research experience, including
    • Details of specific laboratory and/or data handling and analysis skills/experience and your level of mastery (e.g.: extensive experience/some experience/some familiarity, etc.)
    • Details of previous research theses or research projects and the name and contact information of the thesis/project supervisor
    • A list of previous publications (peer-reviewed journal articles, conference abstracts, etc.), if applicable
  • A full example of your research, which could include a peer-reviewed journal article, conference abstract or poster, undergraduate thesis or research project report, or in the absence of these, another written example of your work
  1. Academic transcripts for all degrees completed and in progress

Thank you for your interest in our lab. The requested information above will allow us to better understand you, your interests, and fit with the research team. As we receive many inquiries from prospective graduate students and PDFs, only candidates chosen for interviews will be contacted.

Note the deadlines for applying to graduate programmes in the Department of Health Sciences are:

February 1 (to be considered for funding) for September start

February 1 (to be considered for funding) for May start

October 1 (to be considered for funding) for January start

Additional notes for interested international students:

  1. You must hold your degree from a recognised university with a minimum A (85%+) overall GPA.
  2. If your degree is from a university outside of North America, you must provide information about:
    • The international ranking of the university
    • The calibre of the programme from which you graduated or will graduate
    • Your ranking in your graduating class
  3. If English is not your first language, you must provide your English language proficiency scores in your CV. For more information on the minimum ESL requirements set by Carleton University, please visit here. Note that Dr. Connor may have more stringent ESL criteria.
  4. Please identify any funding that is available to you as an international student to support your studies. These may include funding or scholarship programmes from your home country that support students to study abroad. Whilst it is not a requirement for prospective international graduate students to have funding prior to being admitted to a graduate programme at Carleton, such awards can help to support you during your graduate studies and are desirable to have on your CV.