Congratulations to Dr. Paul Peters for receiving two Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) of Canada grants to support his population health research!

Dr. Peter’s first SSHRC grant, Free Range International Knowledge Exchange, will fund undergraduate and graduate students to participate in knowledge exchange events through field workshops, community events, and programme meetings in Sweden, Canada, and Australia! This grant aims to support interdisciplinary collaborative research and outreach activities for rural and remote communities in these countries. This is a remarkable opportunity for our Health Sciences students to engage in community and rural health research that crosses disciplines, professions and borders.

The goal of Dr. Peter’s second SSHRC grant is to gain insight into the internal and external forces that influence demographic processes in small villages. This includes gathering and analysing data on the underlying components of demographic change: population counts by age and sex, fertility, mortality by cause, migration, emigration, and immigration. Ultimately, this work can help inform local, regional, and provincial governments about population dynamics in small communities and sparsely populated areas, which is critical to shape policies, provision of services, and to support local economic development in these areas. This project focuses on rural and remote communities in developed nations, and includes collaborators from New Brunswick, Canada, and the Northern Territory, Australia.

To learn more about Dr. Peter’s research on population health, spatial data analysis and health geography, visit here.

Image credit: Flaticon