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Master of Science in Health: Science, Technology and Policy

The distinctive features of our MSc program in Health Science, Technology and Policy (HSTP) include an emphasis on skill acquisition, using problem-based approaches to understand health issues and sectors, and participation in collaborative interdisciplinary research projects. The program design is facilitated by the cohort model, which allows for collaboration between students from various academic backgrounds to improve their understanding of complex problems in the broad field of health, and provides opportunities for students to enhance their learning experience by working together. The professional relationships formed by students in each cohort, as well as the opportunities to meet and work with experts across health sectors and disciplines, will provide additional value to students as they prepare for their professional careers.

The 6-credit HSTP MSc program is completed over 20 consecutive months while enrolled full time. Students complete 5 credits of coursework. The Interdisciplinary Health Research Project comprises the remaining 1-credit. This research project is comparable to a graduate-level thesis requiring a comparable level of investment in time and effort. A critical focus of this program is to train students to work in interdisciplinary teams. Therefore, research will be completed in collaboration with external partners including, but not limited to, government, corporate, or community health institutions.

The 6 core courses required by the HSTP MSc program are designed to provide students with:

  • a foundation in research methods, statistics and policy,
  • an understanding of the broadly interdisciplinary nature of the research-policy interface in the health sector,
  • an understanding of new health technologies,
  • leadership, communication and knowledge translation skills,
  • practical experience working in interdisciplinary teams within, and external to, the university.

Critical assessment of research and policy information, integrating information from diverse sources, and effectively communicating with disciplinary experts are focal points of the core courses of the HSTP program.

Diploma in Health: Science, Technology and Policy

We offer two diplomas in Health: Science, Technology and Policy. If you are someone who is currently employed, or has a goal working in the health sector, and are not currently registered in another Carleton graduate program, then you may be interested in our Diploma for professional development.

If you are a current Carleton student registered in another graduate program, you may be interested in the opportunity to take relevant health courses that complement your primary degree, and provide an additional credential. Taking the HSTP diploma in addittion to your primary degree will supplement your disciplinary expertise with a fundamental understanding of qualitative and quantitative research methods, policy, and knowledge mobilization, particularly as they apply to the health sector.

Please note: We do not offer courses on the weekends or online.