Photo of Kaamara Okongwu

Kaamara Okongwu

Student, Bachelor of Health Science

My name is Kaamara Okongwu. I am in the Health Sciences program and I will be graduating in 2018.

Throughout my first year at Carleton, I was introduced to concepts ranging from the microbiome to drug development . It has been a great experience to actually be able to contribute towards research in these areas and put into practice what I have learned in my classes. I have been able to learn techniques such as gel electrophoresis and fluorescence spectroscopy as well as enhance my presentation, data analysis and teamwork skills. Getting a DSRI has afforded me the opportunity not only to learn these techniques but to understand how they can be employed in the development of vaccines for diseases like Influenza, Dengue fever and HIV. I am grateful to those who have made the DSRI experience possible for me and for others and have effectively set me on the path to achieving my future goals.