It’s another beautiful summer day! Despite the warm temperatures, we’re still encouraging you to get away from your desk, and here are a few activities that can help you stay cool during lunch:

  1. Check out the gorgeous, air-conditioned River Building Atrium featuring the “living wall”!
  2. Watch some Healthy Workplace lunch time hockey on Fridays in the Ice House! Want to participate? Send an email to !
  3. Visit the new Canal Building, and grab an iced coffee from Second Cup!

What do you do to stay cool during your break? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to submit blog posts, photos or short blurbs about what keeps you busy at lunch!  Check out the photos that have already been submitted on the website . Healthy Workplace is also on Twitter! Follow @CU_HWP and tweet about your lunchtime adventures with the hash tag #TakeYourLunchChallenge!

“Keeping Cool with a Starbucks Cookie Crumble Mocha Frap!”

Submitted by: Katrin

We are so lucky to work on a campus that is surrounded by the canal, the river, and lots of greenery. Want to know how a short visit to nature can help improve your productivity? Check out this article on! Want to learn even MORE about the psychological benefits of getting outside during your lunch break, Click here.

Want to get outdoors during the lunch hour? The outdoor walking club meets at noon on Mondays and Thursdays! Here are some photos taken during today’s journey to the arboretum: