Courtney Westcott, BSc, MSc, Prevention and Wellness Facilitator at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute joined us to present this Improve Your Cardiovascular Health information session. This presentation pinpointed and described all the health factors and behaviours that can increase the risk for cardiovascular disease. With this knowledge and understanding, we are better able to take preventive action against cardiovascular disease in our own lives. We therefore live longer; experience dramatic reductions in our lifetime risk for cardiovascular events, such as heart attack or stroke; and enjoy a better quality of life.

Following the presentation, the audience were able to:

  • Identify cardiovascular disease risk factors;
  • Understand the targets for each risk factor, and;
  • Identify practical steps toward to improving cardiovascular health.

Courtney also introduced the CardioPrevent Program from the Prevention and Wellness Centre of the Heart Institute. The CardioPrevent program helps people with risk factors to lower their chances of having cardiovascular disease. To find out more, check out:

You can also visit their website: