Join the 100 Club Challenge for your chance to win an Apple Watch!

The 100 Club Challenge is the latest Healthy Workplace challenge that is encouraging Carleton faculty and staff to do something positive for themselves every day of the week! This Challenge promotes work-life balance, physical activity and good mental health! This idea originated in the Registrar’s Office, where they have successfully implemented the challenge for all RO staff. Thanks to the Registrar’s Office for this great idea!

From October 16, 2017 – April 30, 2018, your mission is to complete 100 activities (of your choosing) that support a healthy lifestyle. Each activity must be 30 minutes in duration (can be split into two 15-minute activities throughout the day). Each activity earns you 1 point, and once you’ve earned 100 points you are a member of the 100 club! These activities can be completed during your breaks, after work hours or on weekends! You can earn bonus points for certain activities too!

A maximum of 7 points per week may be earned, with the maximum monthly total being the total number of days in the month (ie. during the month of September, you can earn a total of 30 points).

The 100 Club Challenge runs from October 16, 2017 – April 30, 2018! Register anytime!

Find more information here.

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