October is Healthy Workplace Month!

Healthy Workplace Month is a nation-wide initiative that aims to increase awareness of the need for a comprehensive approach to workplace health in Canada.

This year, Healthy Workplace has chosen 4 different themes for the 4 weeks of Healthy Workplace Month:

  • Week 1: Mental Health (also known as Thrive Week)
  • logo_healthyworkplacemonthWeek 2: Work-Life Balance
  • Week 3: Health Promotion
  • Week 4: Giving Back

Download the calendar of events.

Participate for Your Chance to Win Big!

Sign up for the Healthy Workplace Month Passport (registration is now closed) and a Passport will be sent to your office. Track your participation during the month of October for your chance to win the grand prize – a GoPro camera – courtesy of University Services! Deadline to submit Passport: Monday, October 31 (Grand Prize draw will take place Monday, November 7).

The winner of the Healthy Workplace Month grand prize – a GoPro camera – courtesy of University Services is Caroline Karasiuk!

*Please note: You must attend at least one Healthy Workplace Month event (but do not have to attend ALL events) in order to be eligible to win the Grand Prize.

There are also great prizes to be won at the end of each week. At each event, you will receive a ballot in to that week’s prize draw. Winners will be drawn each Friday afternoon. The prizes for each week are listed below under each theme.

Week 1: Mental Health (Oct. 3 – 7)thrive circle

Carleton University values organizational health and the psychological health and well-being of its faculty and staff, and recognizes that workplace factors impact mental health and mental illness. This mental health week also coincides with the university-wide Thrive Week campaign, promoting positive mental health for all Carleton faculty, staff and students! Carleton has a Workplace Mental Health and Well-being Strategy that serves as a guide for making Carleton a resilient and thriving workplace, as well as a suite of mental health training for employees.

Prize up for grabs this week: Carleton University Bookstore Gift Card. Congratulations to our winner! 

Events included:

  • Mindfulness Meditation Workshop
  • “Supporting Each Other to Thrive” Mental Health Panel
  • Mental Health & The Food Connection cooking demonstration
  • Giant Yoga Class
  • And much more!

Week 2: Work-Life Balance (Oct. 11 – 14)balance circle

An important aspect of the Healthy Workplace initiative is working to help you enjoy a better balance between your responsibilities at home and work. Healthy Workplace offers a variety of programs and activities to help you find balance, as well as some work-life balance specific sessions. HWP also encourages faculty and staff participation in Learning and Professional Development opportunities and Process Improvement projects.

Prize up for grabs this week: A copy of Professor Tim Pychyl’s new book “Procrastination, Health, and Well-Being”. Congratulations to our winner!

Events included:

  • Strategies for Improving Work-Life Balance workshop
  • Learn to Play Ultimate Frisbee
  • Paint Night

Week 3: Health Promotion (Oct. 17 – 21)health promo circle

Healthy Workplace offers workshops and information sessions to the campus community on a variety of topics including, but not limited to, nutrition, stress, financial wellness, photography, physical activity and work-life balance. These are presented from both traditional and holistic approaches. HWP also hosts monthly wellness challenges that encourage faculty and staff to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Our latest challenge, running all year, is the 100 Club Challenge!

Prize up for grabs this week: A Ninja ‘Master Prep’ Food Processor. Congratulations to Alisha Seguin!

Events included:

  • Setting Up Your Workstation / Ergonomics Lunch ‘n’ Learn
  • Resiliency at Work training
  • Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Through Nutrition Workshop
  • Introduction to Strength Training Workshop

Week 4: Giving Back (Oct. 24 – 28)

giving back circle

We believe that giving back to our community is an important part of a healthy workplace culture. HWP supports the annual United Way campaign and Campus Community Campaign, and encourages faculty and staff to get involved by giving their time and support to various causes.

Prize up for grabs this week: A FitBit activity tracker! *You must raise funds (minimum of $1) and attend the Laps for Loonies event on Friday, October 28 in order to be eligible to win.

Congratulations to Jeremy Whalen, winner of the Giving Back Week draw as part of Healthy Workplace Month and the proud owner of a new FitBit activity tracker!

Jeremy ran 57 laps of the Fieldhouse at our Laps for Loonies event, and raised over $100 for the United Way!

Events included:

  • Great Pumpkin Silent Auction
  • United Way Soup Lunch Campaign Launch
  • Laps for Loonies

Congratulations and thank you to everyone who came out to the events and took part in Healthy Workplace Month!